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About us

Augmentas Group Limited (Augmentas) provides support to the public sector to deliver cutting edge programmes and to private sector companies seeking to expand and grow their business with professional buyers in both the public and private sectors. We help our customers to develop their sales and marketing capability, win new business, negotiate and implement business critical contracts and mitigate contractual risk.

We have a team of seasoned professionals able to quickly add value through the application of structured methods coupled with many years of relevant experience. Our sales and marketing maturity model, for example, provides a means to rapidly diagnose requirements for change. The subsequent programme thinking is designed to address current business challenges, coach and support our customers to achieve their business objectives.

Our insight into public sector procurement coupled with our advanced approach to sales and marketing leadership is the core of our credibility, linking buyers to sellers. With an excellent track record, we are confident in our approach, enabling us to provide risk share as part of our commercial offering.

What makes us different?

Our customers need to deliver immediate savings, avoid business limiting risk, win ground breaking contracts and dramatically improve revenue generation performance. They want to turn things around and they want to do so quickly.



Augmentas can review and deliver saving throughout the entire commercial lifecycle and across the supply chain.


Augmentas has aligned buying with selling. Our buyer-centric thinking and approach, structured within our sales and marketing maturity model drives leadership thinking in business development.


We strive to deliver great value, delivering tangible results by leveraging your own resource as far as possible and avoiding unnecessary cost. We can operate as part of your team or as a partner.

Charging model

We always aim to provide you with what you need:

Working on our competitive daily rates, we can provide:

  • Free introductory consultation.
  • Managed services, based by team on weekly or monthly charges.
  • Delivery-based payments for services or products delivered.
  • Objective and deliverable based payment milestones – we don’t get paid until the job is done!

But we can do more: depending on the service, and the level of risk we rate the opportunity, we can offer:

  • Money back guarantees.
  • Risk share.
  • Part-payment deferral.
  • Payment by results.
  • Self funding solutions – we get a proportion of the savings we make for you.

Please contact us to discuss any opportunity you may have, and how we can provide the most flexible approach to delivering your success.

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Our aim is to understand if we can help you and to quickly decide whether further discussions are worthwhile for you.

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