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Business Diagnostics

We all seek to improve but sometimes it’s hard to find the capability and time to determine a rational and self-financing plan. Using our experience, we can help you to identify critical issues which are holding you back and advise on new approaches.

We need you to succeed, as your success is our success. But how do we do this?

1. We Review:

  • Systems, processes and reporting.
  • ​Organisational structure.
  • Finance – systems and reporting.
  • Bidding – process and success.
  • Commercial – procurement and contract management.
  • Delivery – project and programme capability.

2. We Provide:

  • A report of our findings.
  • Short, medium and longer-term recommendations with investment vs success rating.
  • A plan for how to implement changes.

3. Outcomes

  • More efficient and effective processes.
  • A refined organisational structure offering clarity and clear accountability.
  • Clear financial report to help make business decisions.
  • Better bidding capability and potentially capacity and therefore, better success rate.

and more...

  • Buying better, at lower costs and having contracts deliver what they were intended to.
  • Great confidence in delivery, reducing costs, increasing profits and improving reputation.

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