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If you are starting up, expanding or restructuring, we can help you to find and develop the people that you need.  Augmentas can help you through our team and our network to offer you:

  • Dedicated teams – as part of your team or outsourced completely to provide a service.
  • Dedicated individuals – playing key parts to your change programme, whether as non-executive or executive directors, business leads, or operational.
  • Advisors – expert reviewers of all specialisms driving improvement.
  • Assurance – ongoing check and challenge ensuring opportunities are maximised.

Augmentas can provide short-term, part-time, full-time answers to all resource or service gaps. This approach can:

  • Reduce resource commitment.
  • Reduce headcount.
  • Reduce risk.
  • Allow a business to test principles before buying.
  • Offer tax benefits.
  • Offer flexible scalability to meet unpredictable demand.

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