Here at Augmentas, we enjoy rewarding loyalty and recognise the support that our staff and Associates give us, without which we would not continue to grow.  

We launched the Augmentas Alumni in October 2018 and in a relatively short space of time we (and others) are already seeing the benefits of having, and being a part of, such a unique credible network of prequalified and assured professionals, who want to be part of something more, something bigger than themselves. 

Free to join, you would be forgiven for thinking the bar to entry is rather low, but the criteria for members is more about attitude, skill set and values than anything else. It’s a privilege to be invited because it’s personal. 

As a values-based organisation, we take things like integrity, ethics and honesty very seriously, and as such our alumni is made up of people who think the way we do. It’s a pleasure to be a part of something like this and I believe it to be unique in our sector, as are the people who make it up – you know who you are!  

So, what successes have we had and why does everyone benefit? 

Chiefly, its successes have been the sharing of knowledge and lessons learned, whether an obscure point of public sector procurement being explained, or the use of our standard template document library. In fact this is exactly the alumni’s purpose; rather than it merely being a network and a chance to have a few drinks on Augmentas (we do that as well, of course), its primary purpose is to educate, support, and contribute in a positive way to all of our members and in turn all of our clients. 

An Alumni like no other, we praise contribution and loyalty, not only with financial or experienced-based rewards, but also with professional development and training opportunities. 

Incredibly exciting times here at Augmentas Group and given everything the alumni has achieved in less than a year, I am excited to see what the future brings!