What Does Augmentas Group offer?

Augmentas Group is an agile SME with expertise in making our clients work better, deliver better, win more work, save more money and become more profitable. A specialist organisation of talented individuals, exceptional in the entire business landscape. A management consultancy, focusing on 5 key offerings:

Business Performance

Procurement, or Buying

Tender Management, or Bidding

Programme Delivery, Project Management, and PMO

Interim Management, or People Solutions

Why we are, who we are – How did AGL come about?

Founder and Group Managing Director, Glenn St. John-Colgan has worked in the commercial sector for nearly 30 years – the majority of which, he has spent operating at director level within the public sector, private international organisations and consultancies.

GLEN 640

Having previously worked as a consultant, interim manager and a Senior Civil Servant, Glenn largely found the professional services delivery method frustrating and thought the value structure of both consultancies and agencies could be better.

Being part of the traditional consultancy / interim model, Glenn would enter into his various contracts as an individual, land and complete the job, but feel rather commoditised. The agency model added little value, with limited support or engagement throughout the contract duration. The consultancy model would simply drop you in and brand you but offered little development, and the drive to increase revenue contradicted a claimed client-centric approach.

Even as an independent consultant, Glenn brought the people he worked with together, whether consultants, contractors, interims, civil servants, or employees and deliver something cohesive for his customers and the individuals. He understood the need to bring likeminded specialists together for the benefits of the outcome needed by the employer, the customer, the team.

So why do this alone? He didn’t! He set up Augmentas, finally putting in place the values structure he had been looking for in professional services delivery for so many years.

Augmentas Group is a respectfully disruptive service business, challenging the established models in all of our sectors. Our approach has been designed by wanting to enhance the engagement model from both sides of the consultancy model – the customer and the deliverer. We want to challenge the existing models, and encourage all providers in this field to re-focus on the people, and on delivery.

“…working with Augmentas, I felt part of something more than just me, with support and advice always available …” Trisha, FCO, Senior Associate

What makes AGL different?

Here at Augmentas, we want to be different. Everything we do is driven by our values. It’s important to us that our teams share the values that the business is founded on – they are what differentiate us, they are the reason for our outstanding results and customer feedback…

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Substance over Style
  • Customer-centric
  • Disruptive
  • Innovative
  • Leave!

Augmentas legitimately operate in the interests of the customer and the associate for the long term. We reward both customer and associate for their loyalty and commitment in delivering successful outcomes. Customers receive managed value-add services and discounts over time, while associates receive CPD, personal development and experience rewards.

Augmentas breaks the agency/contractor model by being selective and thorough in identifying the more discerning associates that support our value-based approach to service delivery. We implement a two-stage pre-qualification process, with specialist experts doing the second part of interviews. The result of which is that Augmentas have a Preferred Associate List (PAL) of specialists containing pre-qualified professionals of all skill-types and levels. We connect our associates with each other, creating a professional network of expertise, whilst providing access to the AGL knowledge library, containing templates and example documents across our specialisms. The scheme is intended to build long-term, mutually successful relationships, extending our values to our associates and beyond.

We firmly believe that our business will grow through the shared success of our customers and associates.

We are proud to have been awarded ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard that ensures services meet the needs of clients through an effective quality management system.

Our charging model

We offer introductory consultation and hourly, daily or weekly charging. Furthermore, depending on the service and assessed risk we may also be able to offer your business:

  • Outcome based payments – pay us when the job is done!
  • Money back guarantees
  • Part-payment deferral
  • Risk share
  • Other self-funding solutions – a percentage of the savings we make for you




To request your consultation, please call 0203 918 8550 or contact us via our web form below to discuss your requirements.