Augmentas Alumni

"Be part of something bigger than yourself"

The interim and contractor market has a wide variety of participants with different drivers and motivation. Having worked in this sector for a long time, seen its best and worst, we wanted to harness the best and improve on it.

The Augmentas alumni is something different, not simply names in a ‘little black book’ of an agent. For the more discerning professional interims, we have created a credible network or prequalified and assured professionals, who want to be part of something more.

We commit to our alumni members, providing a nurturing environment for us all to grow individually and collectively.

Rewards are not financial, they are experience-based, including educational opportunities and personal development.

There is no contractual commitment, only a values-based approach that we all expect to be delivered in contract.


    • Access to a broad network of Associates of all skill-sets and levels

    • A help-line for advanced advice or guidance across specialisms

    • Access to an online document library with useful information and templates

    • Regular networking events, to meet other members and grow

    • Thought leadership papers, both the provision of and contribution to

    • Invitation to Think Tanks, to challenge the norm

    • Priority assignments, including contribution to bid-work and solution design

    • Multiple projects running in and around other commitments

    • Increased rates when roles are extended

    • Rewards for loyalty and growth, including experiences and learning

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