Tender process analysis; opportunity identification; tender analysis; tender management; bid project management; bid writing and complete tender submission; sales & marketing maturity assessment;

Increase your bidding effectiveness and the way you communicate with professional buyers

Using our unique buyer-focus, we have an excellent track record:

100% success rate in passing our customer at qualification stage

88% success rate at tender stage

Over £1 Billion of revenue won for our clients

When bidding for work, the level of effort can be very high, and it is often extremely challenging for you and your team to fit this in with “business as usual”.

We can provide you a comprehensive service to:

Chose the right opportunities to start with

  • Plan and prioritise the effort required
  • Navigate the complex procurement process
  • Understand what your customer is looking to buy
  • Co-ordinate experts who need to contribute
  • Enhance copy so that it flows and uses language which buyers can evaluate
  • Format responses exactly how the buyer has specified
  • Concurrently put your company and offer in the best possible light

Success requires detailed understanding of your value proposition and clarity in its communication.  A natural progression is to consider where other parts of your sales and marketing mix could be addressed to improve your ability to grow.

In collaboration with the Portsmouth Business School, we have developed a Sales and Marketing Maturity Model (SM3) with the aim of helping you to understand and implement a practical programme of improvement.   The programme is designed to enable you to prioritise your effort and coach you to implement it yourself.

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