More and more businesses are choosing to outsource their Project Management to dedicated PMO professionals. The reasons are manifold: an outsourced PMO team can draw on their experiences in similar situations and can help you cut costs considerably. 

At Augmentas we draw upon our ever-expanding knowledge base and standardised methodologies to save time and money, all the while making the necessary amendments to ensure our project management practices are suitable for your own business goals.

Enabling Organisational Change

Change management programmes must adjust as circumstances develop, it is in their very nature to do so. Budgets and timelines need to remain flexible as the story unfolds and the demands on resources become more visible. Taking on a major new contract can also bring with it constraints and demands that your business is not yet accustomed to. Augmentas can recognise potential pitfalls at the outset, construct an achievable plan for change and help you keep control of your costs, all essential to achieving profitability targets.

“…having Augmentas provide the team, we always felt there was oversight and assurance, someone else to call, should we need additional support…” Foreign & Commonwealth Office

Process Review and Implementation

Getting a new set of eyes on your processes is a fantastic way to understand if you could save time and money. Augmentas have the capability and knowledge to perform extensive process reviews, highlighting exactly where standardised methodologies could help or even a new bespoke angle from an entirely different viewpoint. Once agreed, Augmentas sets about implementing new processes, enabling a transition with minimal disruption to your business.

Training and Support for In-House Teams

New projects and change are all very well but if you don’t have the correct plan in place for your existing team then you can expect to go nowhere fast after an initial flurry of activity. Along with offering interims to guide your teams to success in new endeavours, Augmentas also provide the requisite training knowledge, support and resources for the people who have to keep everything going day in, day out. Undergoing change can be a stressful time for established businesses worried about upsetting the applecart, let us make it that bit easier for you.




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